Bangalore Real Estate

e-Ads Bengaluru Real Estate

Bangalore being an investor's hot spot, Real Estate developers/builders, promoters and realtors leave no stone unturned to give their projects the best visibility possible. Take that little bit of extra effort it needs to invest wisely on your advertisements. Trendy, robust, crisp, mobile friendly Ads can boost your project sales like never before! What are you waiting for? Showcase your upcoming, ongoing and completed projects with e-Ads Bengaluru. Avail our New Year special unbeatable offers !

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Villas on Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru

30 x 40 Plots near Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru

Bangalore Schools

e-Ads Bengaluru Schools :

Bangalore is a popular for its educational institutions: schools, colleges and universities offering a wide range of specialized professional courses in numerous subjects. Schools of all recognized curricula : CBSE / ICSE / IB / IGCSE / Karnataka State Board etc. International Schools, Play schools, special schools offering inclusive education, daycares, primary, high schools, higher secondary, hobby classes, coaching classes, tuition centres can also be advertised. Bangalore has even animation and fashion designing colleges.
Professional colleges: Engineering Colleges,   Medical & Dental colleges, Law schools, Business schools, Architectural colleges are most welcome to be advertised.
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User Activity and Lead Generation have been very encouraging for:

Bangalore Sports

Advertise your sports company in Bengaluru in this section:

e-Ads Bengaluru Sports

If your sports company in Bangalore, sells products and services or you have a sports training facility, then showcase your sports biz in this section. Coaching classes, recreational sports, sports equipment, sports tornaments etc. can be given visibility here.

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This Ad has attracted corporates, techies, schools, colleges, communities and families tremendously :

Bangalore Shopping

The best platform to advertise any product :

e-Ads Bengaluru Shopping

The clothes and jewellery ads receive good traffic 24x7 and these are mobile friendly ads that you can whatsapp easily to your contacts.

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Click open the following images to see the shopping details:

Bangalore Festival Offers and Deals

Festival Offers and Deals in Bangalore can be advertised in :

e-Ads Bengaluru Deals 

This will be a good place to advertise your %% Discount offers, Freebies, Coupons, Sales & Melas.
Christmas & New Year Sale Ads received great response and so is the Pongal Sale Ad  for traditional dresses for all age groups!

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